Chairman's Message
Small Scale Industry Sector plays a very vital role in the Indian Industrial Economy. Lot of reformations have been undertaken by the Planners and Implementers to instill dynamism in the industrial economy through competition. The productivity of the Small Scale Industries and other industrial sectors directly depends upon availability of appropriate skilled workforce at the easy reach.
The Vocational Training System in the Country needs substantial growth with quality and with multi skill approach so that the mismatch between the skill in demand and the skill at the source are reduced. The Skill level of competency of the trainees must be at par with the skill level required in the competitive world labour market in the era of globalization policy.
The measures taken by Government of India, Ministry of Labour and Employment for upgrading 500 publicly funded ITIs across the Country into Centres of Excellence is praise worthy at the present juncture of industrialization. The basic objective of the programme is to produce multi skill work force of world class standard in different sectors through active Public Private Participation. It is the responsibility of the industries and other stake holders to actively participate at all stages of the training programme so that the bottlenecks can be reduced and the end products will get gainful employment.
The State Orissa has emerged as a fast developing state due to massive industrialization took place in the Mines and Mineral sector. This together with the anticipated Special Economic Zones in the State will be requiring huge workforce with appropriate skill.
We are thankful that Government of India MoLE/DGE&T having identified Industrial Training Institute, Hirakud in the plan programme "Upgradation of 400 ITIs into Centres of Excellence" with World Bank assistance during the current financial year 2006-07 with public-private partnership model. Keeping the requirement of multi-skilled workforce in the Small Scale and other sector of processing, manufacturing and production sectorand in the service sector, the IMC of ITI, Hirakud has recommended implementation of the Process Plant Maintenance Sector through Centres of Excellence Programme at ITI, Hirakud during 2006-07.
The Institute Development Plan (IDP) prepared by the IMC is a comprehensive guide for the Planners and Implementers and hope it will be useful to all concerned.